I don’t really know where to start! Is there a rating higher than 5 stars? I was impressed initially by the comprehensive exam and x-rays. I braced myself for the “no pain no gain” experience yet again… never happened! … when I stood up, my back pain was 90% better (already!), I had great range of motion in my neck, and in the weeks that followed that initial adjustment, my plantar fascitis DISAPPEARED! Yes, GONE! But wait! There’s MORE!!!!

I recently started to bring my pre-teen son to Dr. Corsello. He has been suffering from some pretty significant neuro-psychological issues for the last 18 months. The psychiatrists and therapists were having a field day tossing scary diagnoses around regarding the psychological issues, but no one was addressing the neurological issues. After a comprehensive exam and treatment from Dr. Corsello, I am getting my son back! The MDs are scratching their heads as they see him “recover” in leaps and bounds and are calling Dr. Corsello to ask him what the heck he is doing!