Dr. Corsello’s Techniques Restore the Natural Curves of the Spine

and the Health of the Body

Chiropractic care Stratford Connecticut

Why Corrective (vs Relief) Care?

Similar to how an orthodontist corrects the teeth’s alignment with braces, our techniques will restore the spine’s proper structure. By restoring the ideal environment for nerve flow, healing takes place from within. Pain and symptoms resolve, patients get off their medications, and their health and energy levels radically improve.

Infrequent or non-specific adjustments or other techniques, focused mainly on pain relief, will have no long-term value in fixing your health problem, causing it to turn to disease and worsen over time. Only treating the pain or symptoms does not correct the cause of the problem. The pain or symptoms are relieved while the underlying issue continues to get worse.

What Other Techniques Are Used to Correct the Spine?

If abnormal subluxation patterns and atypical spinal biomechanics are present, your spine will be reshaped and your nervous system retrained through specific Chiropractic adjustments and rehabilitative procedures. These include spinal isometric exercises, proprioceptive neuromuscular reeducation, cervical and lumbar lordosis restoration, muscle and ligament rehabilitation, and vibration therapy, aimed at ligament remodeling and neuromuscular reeducation.

Chiropractic care Stratford Connecticut

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