Stratford Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor

We focus on correcting the cause of your health concerns, rather than merely providing temporary symptom relief. Our goal is to help you to “heal” better as well as “feel” better. Health comes from within. If you are looking for a holistic approach, you have come to a right place!

Dr. Edward C. Corsello, DC, BCAO

Dr. Corsello is a gentle, caring, compassionate, highly skilled chiropractic specialist. Personalized care is emphasized, and he will take time to listen to his patient’s concerns and give every effort to help them achieve total health and wellness.

Dr. Corsello graduated Magna Cum Laude from both the University of Tampa and Life University of Chiropractic. He then continued his studies to achieve a post-graduate certification in the Atlas Orthogonal technique from Sherman College. He holds a fellowship from the International Acupuncture Medical Association and is also certified in Applied Kinesiology, Quantum Neurology and Active Release Techniques.

Stratford Atlas Orthogonal ChiropractorDr. Corsello became interested in Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic while in college. During his senior year of high school, he was involved in a car crash in which he suffered a grave neck injury. The pain was so intense he couldn’t swim, which was a big deal to him, since he was accepted to the University of Tampa on a swimming scholarship. A friend in Florida recommended a doctor who took some x-rays of his neck and head and then treated him with the Atlas Orthogonal (AO) technique. He hardly felt a thing, yet the treatment left him pain-free. And more importantly, at the time, he could swim again. He was so impressed with the “miracles” he saw in her office that he decided to go to chiropractic school himself and become an Atlas Orthogonist.

Stratford Atlas Orthogonal ChiropractorToday, he is one of the few AO doctors in the Northeast, and people from as far away as New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts come to our office. He has successfully treated thousands of patients with many health issues.

Dr. Corsello became committed to correcting the cause of chronic illness after he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. The limited ability of conventional medicine to understand and treat this condition inspired him to further specialize in advanced structural corrective care of the spine and neurological system in order for his body to heal the way it was designed to. It has become his life mission to share this gift of hope and healing with his patients.

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