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Neck Pain and High Cholesterol – Michael S

When I first came in, I experienced high cholesterol as well as numbness and loss of ability to move my arm and loss of range of motion when moving my head. My doctor had me on Prevastatin for Cholesterol. I was a little skeptical of Chiropractors but Dr. Corsello explained the science behind Chiropractic. It really started making sense to me.

Shoulder Injury – Jane M

I developed a rotator cuff injury in my right shoulder. The injury was extremely painful and caused my arm to have limited mobility. Medical doctors recommended pain-killer medications and possible surgery. Dr. Corsello’s technique for healing included an atlas adjustment which immediately eased the pain. . . . Today, I am pain-free and have full extension use of my arm and shoulder. Dr. Corsello is an expert on pain-free yet successful treatments for injuries.

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