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Headaches – Marc A

I was referred to Dr. Corsello by a friend a few years ago after having terrible experiences with a few other chiropractors. I was having persistent headaches that I couldn’t get rid of. The other chiropractors just cracked my neck repeatedly and seemed to make it worse. . . He gave me one adjustment and the headaches disappeared. I have recommended others to him over the years and all of them have had as wonderful an experience as mine. If you’re looking for a chiropractor who knows what he is doing, is honest and will really work to make you well, this is your doctor!

Atlas Orthogonal and Headaches

Traditional treatment for headaches, the most common of which is over the counter pain medications, may provide temporary relief of symptoms but do not remove the underlying cause of headaches. The Atlas Orthogonal procedure is a safe, natural procedure that utilizes scientific methodology to effectively remove the underlying cause of many types of chronic migraine, tension, and injury-related headaches.

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