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Have you been struggling with weight loss? Feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING? Lost weight on other programs or through diet and exercise, but the weight comes back on? Discover the CAUSE of weight gain and why you can’t lose weight…IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

Finally…an exclusive and unique weight loss system that turns your body into a fat burning machine! Schedule a consultation so we can walk you through the specifics of this easy, fast, and simple program and so you can begin immediately to lose 1-2 pounds per day without any radical change in your lifestyle, without harmful drugs, surgery, or costly pre-packaged foods.

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  • Doctor Supervised

  • All Natural, Scientific and Safe

  • No Drugs

  • No Exercise Required

  • Targets Hard to Lose Fat (Stomach, Butt, Hips)

  • Reduces Cravings and Hunger

  • Completely Customized for Your Body

  • Whether You Want to Lose 15 or 200 pounds, this program is for you!

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Dr. Corsello is the only doctor in CT who is certified to offer the Lighten Up Fat Loss System

Utilizing four of the most advanced, patented Comprehensive Electro-Impedance Resonant Frequency Galvanic Skin Response (CERF GSR) scans ever developed, it tests hundreds of chemicals and systems in the body (including all 57 hormones) to get to the cause of why your body can’t lose weight. Patients have also experienced reversal of type 1 and 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and many other chronic health conditions, as well as get taken off their medications by their medical doctors.

This ultimate fat burning scan is unlike anything else ever created, for it helps determine your body’s biological preferences to bring your body to its narrow fat burning zone and most importantly keep it there after the 40 day program is over. This scan took 30 years of clinical experience and many months of programming to create this phenomenal technological advancement, to help get you into the narrow fat burning zone and lose 20 to 50 pounds AND get your health back in just a mere 40 days!

Lighten Up Fat Loss System in Startford Connecticut

Frequently Asked Questions

As a chiropractor and natural healthcare practitioner, it was absolutely essential that our weight loss system be all natural, safe and effective. This unique system surpasses all of those requirements, burns fat, and resets the hypothalamus, which resets your metabolism and your weight set point. It does this by activating leptin and 6 other fat burning hormones while suppressing the 3 fat storing hormones and still supporting the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal axis. Essentially, we are using all natural lipotropic (fat burning) nutrients, which activates fat burning and puts the body into a very narrow zone of true fat burning.

A low calorie diet alone does not distinguish between structural tissue and fat cell content. Furthermore, a low calorie diet alone will cause a great decrease in energy levels, would be difficult to do and would not target the abnormal “locked in” fat that you want to target and lose.

One of the keys to this system is that it is doctor supervised. There have been thousands of people who have safely gone through this system with exceptional results. Typically, losing this much weight this fast would not be safe. However, it is the complete combination of the weight loss drops, the customized supplements, the proven science of autophagy, and the doctor supervision using the body composition analysis by a healthcare professional who understands the relationships of the various systems and hormones on weight loss that enables this system to safely help you lose weight directly from fat burning along with resetting your hormones and metabolism safely and effectively. With this system, it is not muscle nor is it the visceral or structural fat that your body needs that usually gets depleted during the REDUCE phase that you are losing as you lose the weight. Since the weight loss is coming directly from the abnormal adipose tissue, individuals on this system report a feeling and appearance of great health and marvel at the loss of negative health risks they had before.

Research shows that you can expect a weight loss of 0.5 to 2 lbs per day when accompanied by a very low calorie diet –VLCD. However, there are many factors involved when dealing with weight loss. For example, men tend to lose weight faster than women; those who need to lose more weight lose weight faster than those who do not need to lose as much weight. Individuals who were thinner when they were younger tend to be able to lose more weight faster than those who are older. There are many factors when dealing with weight loss particularly as it involves hormones. Since this is a doctor supervised program, it is our mission to determine what will give you your best, fastest and most effective results to not only lose the weight, but to help you keep it off permanently.

Your appetite will be changed after this, along with your eating behavior, body metabolism, and most importantly your weight set point. You will be able to eat moderately without feeling the need to overeat. A healthy lifestyle, diet, along with minimum amount of physical exercise will be sufficient to maintain your weight.

That’ s the beauty of this system. You definitely do NOT need to exercise. One of the reasons that you don’t have to exercise is because the average person burns about 3000 calories a day just in normal activity and you are only eating 500 calories a day in food so you can see how you lose the weight. However, at the end of your retrain phase, we will show you our specific Lighten Up Exercise Transformation system, that is the absolute best at burning body fat, and in fact you can lose up to 14% body fat in just 8 weeks.

The weight loss drops are designed to liquefy the contents of the fat cells, releasing both the calories and the nutrients into the blood stream. In overweight people, our “Weight Loss Drops” seek out the stored nutrients in the fat cells. Liquefying the content of the fat cell, these nutrients are then flushed through the bloodstream. This naturally stored energy supplies the body with anywhere from 2,000 to 7,000 calories per day. While burning this stored energy, the body’s energy level increases and appetite decreases. The cells are emptied and shrunk down to sizes much smaller than normal cells. Therefore, inches as well as pounds are lost on this amazing system.

The system utilizes a very low calorie diet (VLCD) food management plan (however, you will find the calories will not really be an issue because you will not feel hungry). Ideally, everyone on this protocol will eat less than 800 calories per day. However, as directed by the doctor and program director, the goal will be 500 calories per day. The reason I say that calories will not really be an issue is that since you are burning anywhere from 2,000 to 7,000 calories per day, this means that you’re-releasing this many calories into your body. Therefore, it is essentially the same as eating 2,000 to 7,000 calories of food per day.

You may feel a very mild hunger during the first week; however this is most likely due to habit of eating more calories than actual hunger. But, by the second week, you will be used to the very low-calorie diet. This is partly due to your hypothalamus adjusting your metabolic rate, but largely due to the amount of calories circulating in your system from the fat being released. Many individuals before starting the system are afraid that it will be difficult to eat such a low calorie diet, however to their great surprise they discover that it is much easier that they ever would have anticipated due to the release of circulating calories released through fat burning. Of all the aspects of the system, you will most likely find the adherence to a very low calorie food management plan is one of the easiest aspects of the system to follow, for you will most likely not be hungry at all by the 2nd week.

Due to the nature of this system, many individuals do not want to eat all 500 calories a day, because they do not feel hungry. However, it seems that those individuals who did eat all 500 calories each day, rather than omitting them do tend to have better results. However, we will advise you on your exact caloric intake.

There really is no limit on the veggies. The only absolute limit is the total of not more than 700 calories per day. So you can have a huge amount of veggies (since they are so low in calories) to make up the difference, up to a total of 700 calories for the day, or if you want the best results on the program, do not go over 500 calories.

This system is designed to operate in a very narrow hormonal balance designed to burn abnormal fat. We find that there is a very specific way to stay in this fat burning zone. While some individuals have been able to vary outside the strict rules of the system without any adverse results of their fat loss, most individuals will find that there is a very specific science and set of rules that allow the absolute best and most efficient fat burning. In addition, your intelligent body is able to combine food ingredients to help it survive and prevent weight loss during times of reduced calorie intake. By limiting your body’ s access to the normal variety of ingredients we are limiting its ability to prevent weight loss.

With this system it is designed so that abnormal fat deposits disappear. Double chins, pot bellies, and fat around the thighs are normally the first to go. The process does not deplete the structural and other essential tissue that is needed in order to maintain a healthy look. The body regains and maintains a natural, fresh appearance throughout the system.

The good news is yes! This was one thing that concerned one of our patients, David, since his wife and him had a “date night” every week since they met, and as his wife said “this better not interfere with our life,” meaning that we are still going to have “date night” on a regular basis. Well, he happily said that it was not difficult to eat out – he was still able to enjoy a delicious meal – although his choices were limited. The system also comes with a book of suggested recipes that are easy to prepare and taste great.


*Your weight loss will be individually determined and safely recommended.
*LightenUP offers a money back guarantee. See your Authorized LightenUP Provider for details.
*The testimonial pictures are actual LightenUP patients. Other pictures on this site are for illustrative purposes and not individual results.

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